Physical Education

Field: Physical Education

Level: Master's Degree


  • To develop knowledge in Physical Education, comprising the specificities associated with physical activity, health and sports;
  • To develop studies involving quality of life, sports education and performance and health education in various domains of the area;
  • To contribute to the production of academic and scientific knowledge about Physical Education through the development of researches and studies;
  • To promote technical and scientific events for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge among researchers, students and professionals of Physical Education and related areas;
  • To educate and train human resources to work in undergraduate and graduate programs in Physical Education and related areas in the state of Sergipe and in other regions of Brazil, especially the Northeast and the North.

Area of concentration:

Physical activity, health and sport

Lines of research:

  • Physical activity related to health and quality of life
    This line of research focuses on the relationships among physical activity, health, life conditions and quality of life. It also aims at developing intervention processes and programs for diverse communities and special groups.
  • Determining factors for sports practice and performance
    This line of research focuses on studies of factors associated with adherence to physical and sports activity, sports performance and the sports teaching, learning and training process.
  • Morphofunctional adaptations of physical exercise
    This line of research focuses on studies about morphofunctional adaptations induced by physical exercise in human beings and in experimental models.

Target Audience:

Professionals in Physical Education and related areas

Coordinator of the program: Prof. Dr. Antônio César Cabral de Oliveira

Vice-Coordinator of the program: Prof. Dr. Rogério Brandão Wichi

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Universidade Federal de Sergipe
Av. Marechal Rondon s/n – Departamento de Educação Física
Bairro Jardim Rosa Elze – 49100-000 – São Cristóvão – SE

Phone Number:

+55 (79) 2105-6597


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