Field: Communication and Society

Level: Master's Degree


To develop researches that explore the social, cultural, political and economic relations involved in media communication in the contemporary world. Special emphasis is placed on the Brazilian society and its regional contexts. As a result, the program aims at performing a different and complementary role in relation to other graduate communication programs in the Northeast region of the country, which includes an interaction with Latin American authors and themes.

Area of concentration:

Communication and Society

Lines of research:

  • Media Products, Processes and Discourses
    The main focus of this line of research is the investigation of journalistic, advertising and audiovisual products, as well as media processes, with emphasis on aspects related to organizational routines and cultures, models of management, professional ethos, discursive language and construction, and diverse social and cultural media impacts.

    Professors involved:
    Dr. Carlos Eduardo Franciscato
    Dra. Fernanda Rios Petrarca
    Dr. Fernando Luiz Alves Barroso
    Dr. Josenildo Luiz Guerra
  • Culture, Economy and the Politics of Communication
    This line of research involves the analysis of social processes and relations established through the development of media systems and communication technologies in contemporary life. Its epistemological and programmatic framework is based on the political economy of information and communication, the geographies of communication, political sociology and critical theories of communication and culture.

    Professors involved:
    Dr. César Ricardo Siqueira Bolano
    Dra. Lilian Cristina Monteiro Franca
    Dra. Messiluce da Rocha Hansen
    Dra. Sonia Aguiar Lopes
    Dra. Verlane Aragão Santos

Target Audience and Admission Requirements:

A degree in Social Communication or related areas taken from recognized institutions is required.

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