Computer Science

Field: Computer Science

Level: Master's Degree


Our main objective is to provide students with a course of study that will enable them to carry out studies and research, to propose solutions as well as to develop new technologies: software and hardware, based on the program’s lines of research, combining the skills of the faculty with the region’s needs and demands.

Area of concentration:

Computer Science

Lines of research:

  • Computational Intelligence: addresses complex troubleshooting for which there are neither analytic solutions nor efficient algorithms.
  • Software Engineering and Information Systems (IS): approaches process investigation, methodologies, techniques and tools related to the development of Web applications - mobile and ubiquitous - as well as ICT Strategic Planning.
  • Computer Networks (CN) and Distributed Systems (DS): addresses abstractions and techniques for the development of Distributed Systems Projects and the performance evaluation of Computer Networks.

Target Audience and Admission Requirements:

Admission to the program requires undergraduate degree in Computer Science or in similar areas related to the program’s three lines of research: Computational Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Systems, and Computer Networks and Distributed Systems.

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Fundação Universidade Federal de Sergipe
Cidade Universitária Prof. José Aloísio de Campos
Av. Marechal Rondon, s/n. Jardim Rosa Elze - CEP 49100-000
São Cristóvão/Sergipe - Brasil


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