São Cristóvão Campus

The main university campus is located in São Cristóvão. Formally called the Professor José Aloísio de Campos University City, it houses the central administration of all the Campuses. The campus offers 4.000 annual enrollment for new students with 73 undergraduate course options and 45 stricto sensu graduate courses, including 8 PhD programs, 36 Master's degree programs and 3 professionalizing Master's degree courses. For more Information:

Aracaju Campus

Campus Prof. João Cardoso Nascimento Júnior is located at the city of Aracaju and is home to the University Hospital (HU). HU provides medical-hospital assistance for medium to high complexity cases, and is a reference to Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS). Aracaju Campus offers five health science related courses options: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Medicine and Dentistry. For more Information:

Itabaiana Campus

Campus Prof. Alberto Carvalho offers ten undergraduate courses, including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences, Pedagogy, Languages and Geography, in addition to the Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting Sciences, Administration and Information Systems, and two graduate courses (the professionalizing Master's degrees in Languages and Mathematics). For more Information:

Laranjeiras Campus

Laranjeiras Campus is located in a town rich in culture and art. It houses the departments of Architecture and Urbanism, Dance, Museology, Theater and Archaeology undergraduate courses. The campus also offers the Master's degree course in Archaeology. These areas give the campus the denomination of “The Campus of Arts”. For more Information:

Lagarto Campus

Campus Prof. Antônio Garcia Filho offers eight undergraduate course options, all of them in the health sciences' field: Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Nutrition, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy. A unique aspect of this campus is that all the offered courses are structured according to PBL – Problem Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies. For more Information:

Distance Learning

UAB - The Open University of Brazil - currently has 14 centers distributed in towns across the state and a total number of 8.390 enrollments. UAB offers eight undergraduate course options: Public Administration, Biological Sciences, Physics, Geography, History, Languages (Portuguese), Mathematics and Chemistry.